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ISNS Scholars’ Articles


The Prometheus Trust has published anthologies of scholarly essays from the annual conferences of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies for many years. From 2019 we are enhancing our joint venture with the Society by making all articles published henceforward open access. This page will present every article published listed in alphabetical order by author’s name within any particular year’s anthology (with a short keyword summary to allow for searches). Volumes available:

Platonism and its Legacy

Platonic Interpretations

Plato in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Modern Times

Platonism and its Heritage

Our open access is offered under the Creative Commons BY (version 4.0) terms - this allows for a wide range of uses of the material, with very few restrictions, but please note:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

See here for further details.

All files are in PDF

Platonism and its Legacy





Papers from the ISNS 2017 conference

held in Olomouc, Czech Republic

and published in 2019







Eros as Soul’s ‘Eye’ in Plotinus: What does it see and not see?  

Lela Alexidze

Keywords: Plotinus, Eros, eye, Plato, love, soul, intellect, One, vision, contemplation, activity, self


Neoplatonic Asclepius

Eugene Afonasin

Keywords: medicine in late antiquity, Proclus, Damascius, Neoplatonism, classical archaeology


Georgius Raguseius against Astrology

Luka Boršić and Ivana Skuhala Karasman



Gender construction and social connections in Porphyry’s Ad Marcellam 

Mathilde Cambron-Goulet

Keywords: Porphyry, Marcella, Women, Neoplatonism, Education, Soul, Epistolography, Literacy, Marriage, Civic virtues, Purificateur virtue, Philosophy as way of life, Protreptic


Comenius’ Pansophia in the Context of Renaissance Neo-Platonism

Jan Čížek

Keywords: John Amos Comenius, Tommaso Campanella, Francesco Patrizi, Renaissance philosophy, Neo-Platonism, Aristotelianism, pansophy, metaphysics


Why the Intelligibles are not Outside the Intellect 

Lloyd Gerson

Keywords: Plotinus, intelligibles, Demiurge, Timaeus, cognitive identity, Sophist, Parmenides, grades of oneness, non-representational knowledge


Francesco Patrizi and the Oracles of Zoroaster: The Use of Chaldean Oracles in Nova de universis philosophia

Vojtěch Hladký

Keywords: Francesco Patrizi; Gemistos Plethon; Zoroaster; Chaldaean Oracles; Nova de universis philosophia; Panuagia; Panarchia; Pampsychia; Pancosmia; Ficino; metaphysics of light; philosophical cosmology; Renaissance philosophy; Middle Platonism; Proclus; Psellos; stoicism


The Erotic Magus: Ficino’s De amore as a Guide to Plato’s Symposium

Angie Hobbs

Keywords: Daemon, daimōn, De amore, Eros, Erōs, Ficino, Iamblichus, magic, natural magic; Newton, Plato, Porphyry, Proclus, Symposium


The Spirit of Nature and the Spirit of God

Jacques Joseph

Keywords: More, Henry; Cambridge Platonism; mechanicism; world soul; Holy Spirit; Neoplatonism; enthusiasm; Early Modern philosophy; natural philosophy; Spirit of Nature; metaphysics; dualism; emanationism; natural laws


Eternity and Time in Porphyry, Sentence 44

Lenka Karfíková

Keywords: Porphyry, Plotinus, Time, Eternity


Psychological Effects of Henôsis

Bruce MacLennan

Keywords: active imagination, analytical psychology, Anima, Animus, archetype, complex, daimon, henosis, individuation, Jolande Jacobi, Jungian psychology, mandala, Shadow, theurgy


What kind of souls did Proclus discover? 

Svetlana Mesyats

Keywords: Neoplatonism, Proclus, Marinus of Samaria, Proclus’ psychology, horizontal-vertical procession, psychic series, hypercosmic souls, luminous body, Proclus’ theory of place, separate gods.


Johannes Kepler and His Neoplatonic Sources

Jiri Michalik

Keywords: Johannes Kepler, Plotinus, Proclus, mathematics, astronomy, renaissance science, neoplatonic philosophy, renaissance philosophy, harmonics 


Is self-knowledge one or multiple? Consciousness in ‘Simplicius’, Commentary on On the Soul 

Chiara Militello

Keywords: Damascius, desire, intellect, irrational soul, Priscian of Lydia, prosektikon, psychological powers, reason, self-knowledge, self-reversion, sense perception, Simplicius, synaisthęsis, syneidos


Lewis Campbell’s Studies on Plato and their Philosophical Significance 

Thomas Mróz

Keywords: L. Campbell, St Andrews, Plato, chronology of dialogues, the "Theaetetus", the "Sophist"



The Platonic Framework of Valeriano Magni’s Philosophy

Tomas Nejeschleba

Keywords: Valeriano Magni; 17th century philosophy; Platonism; Capuchin order; Augustinianism; Bonaventurianism; Antiaristotelianism; rationalism; light metaphysics; light of minds; introspection


Porphyry and the Motif of Christianity as παράνομος 

Ilaria Ramelli

Keywords: Porphyry of Tyre, Origen of Alexandria, the Hellene of Macarius of  Magnesia, Tertullian, Christianity's status in the pre-Constantinian Roman Empire, the notion of paranomos (illegal), the concept of pax deorum, Porphyry’s judgment on Origen


The Reception of Xenophanes’ Philosophical Theology in Plato and the Christian Platonists

Monika Recinová

Keywords: Xenophanes of Colophon; ancient reception of Xenophanes’ philosophical theology; patristic reception of Xenophanes’ philosophical theology; Xenophanean philosophical theology as topos; Plato’ reception of Xenophanean philosophical theology; reception of Xenophanean topos in Christian Platonists; Xenophanes Christianus; philosophical critique of Biblical anthropomorphism; god of philosophers in Christian thought; impact of Xenophanean theology on patristic thought. 


 Simplicius on De Anima 407b23-408a29

Carolina Sanchez

Keywords: Aristotle- Pseudo-Simplicius- Greek commentators of Aristotle- De Anima- Early Greek Psychology- Soul-Harmony - Ancient physicalism - Aristotle’s dialectics - Neoplatonic commentators


The Causality of the First Principle and the theory of Two Activities in Plotinus Enn. V.4 [7] 13 

Andrei Timotin

Keywords: Plotinus, Aristotle, causality, first principle, active power, actuality, potentiality, inelligible, first cause, negative theology, One, Intellect, Life


Cyril of Alexandria’s Theory of the Incarnate Union Re-examined

Sergey Trostyanskiy

Keywords: Mixture, Incarnation, Cyril of Alexandria, Aristotle, Alexander of Aphrodisias, Neoplatonism, Plotinus, Proclus


Our concern though is not to be out of sin, but to be god - assimilation to god according to Plotinus - Thomas Vidart

Thomas Vidart

Keywords: Alcinous, Aristotle, Assimilation, Contemplation, Demon, Divinization, Escape, God, Humanity, Identification, Imitation, Intellect, Intelligible, Involuntary impulses, Life, Plato, Plotinus, Resemblance, Unification, Xenocrates


Ficino in the light of alchemy. Heinrich Khunrathʼs use of Ficinian metaphysics of light  

Martin Zemla

Keywords: Marsilio Ficino - Heinrich Khunrath – Paracelsianism – Renaissance - alchemy – metaphysics of light – light of nature – divine light – alchemical fire - burning mirrors – the Sun – solar rays – astrology – allegorical exegesis – Rudolfine Prague


Platonic Interpretations


Platonic Interpretations cover



Papers from the ISNS 2018 conference

held in Los Angeles, USA

and published in 2019








Nobility of the Complex - Suhrawardis Exposition on the Problem of Universals

Khashayar Beigi

Keywords: Suhrawardi, Light, Complexity, Universals, Incorporeals, Illuminationism, Illuminative Metaphysics, Platonic Forms, Arabic Platonism, Persian Platonism, Post-Avicennianism, the Principle of Noblest Possiblity


Platonism of Origen of Alexandria in Dutch-Arminian Theology

Andrea Bianchi

Keywords: Anti-trinitarianism - Arminianism - De-Platonization - Hellenization of Christianity - Jean Le Clerc - Origen of Alexandria


Origen of Alexandria - Spheres, Squares and Other Abstract Objects

Robert M. Berchman

Keywords: Logos, prayer, philosophy of mind, language, discursive, non-discursive, philosophy of god, likeness unto god, limits of thought, limits of language, causality, intentionality, negative theology, epistemology


Hermias on the Vehicle of the Soul

John F. Finamore

Keywords: Hermias, Proclus, Damascius, Iamblichus, soul, vehicle, daimon, ascent


Alcibiades, the Bad Lover - The Ethics of Platos Erotic Philosophy

Elizabeth Hill

Keywords: Plato, Eros, Symposium, Phaedrus, Alcibiades I, Lysis, Gregory Vlastos, Interpersonal eros, Ethics, Particularity


Platos Cosmology - Conflicting Theories

George Latura

Keywords: Interpretations, Timaeus, Different, Same, Equator, Zodiac, Ecliptic, Republic, Planets, Milky Way


Iamblichus Theory of Divination and Divine Inspiration - Nature and Hydromancy at Claros

Andreea-Maria Lemnaru-Carrez

Keywords: Neoplatonism, divination, possession, enthusiasm, oracle, panentheism


The Psychodynamics of the Numbers

Bruce MacLennan

Keywords: Analytical psychology, archetypal numbers, archetypes, arithmology, Jung, numerology, numerosity, Pythagoreanism, symmetry, Theology of Arithmetic, von Franz


Porphyry and Iamblichus on the Ochema-Pneuma and the Purification of the Soul

Julio Cesar Moreira

Keywords: Neoplatonism, Iamblichus, Porphyry, soteriology, Theurgy, asceticism, De Mysteriis, De Abstinentia, ochema-pneuma, phantasia


Philipp Melanchthons Twofold Reception of Platonism

Giovanni Tortoriello 

Keywords: Philipp Melanchthon, Martin Luther, Reformation, Plato, Aristotle, Origen, Augustine, immortality of the soul


Foundations of Ecology in Plotinus Neoplatonism

Michael Wagner

Keywords: Ecology, ecosystems, environmentalism, essentialism, world soul, Plotinus, Neoplatonism



Plato in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages

and Modern Times


9781898910909 front cover



Papers from the ISNS 2019

conference held in Ottawa, Canada

and published in 2020










On Evil Daemons in Iamblichus De Mysteriis

Julio Cesar Moreira

Keywords: Iamblichus; daemons; theurgy; theory of evil; sacrifice 


The Personal Daimon in Iamblichus De Mysteriis - Astral Origins, Ritual and Divinization

Akindynos Kaniamos

Keywords: Iamblichus, personal daimōn, divinization, theurgy, astrology, Helios, oikodespotēs, cosmocrators, Fate


Divine love, mediation and the ontological status of humans in Hierocles’ commentary on the Golden Verses

Donka D. Markus

Keywords: Divine hierarchy, daimones, philosophical teachers, becoming like god, virtues, eros


The descent of the soul in Macrobius and William of Conches

L. Gregory Bloomquist

Keywords: William of Conches (Guillaume), Macrobius, Plato or Timaeus, Integumentum, Fabula


Theurgy as a Contemporary Practice - the example of Jungs Red Book

Bruce MacLennan

Keywords: active imagination, Jung, katabasis, Red Book, theurgy


Ruddy Stargazers - Centaurs, Philosophers, and a Life Worth Living

Anne J. Mamary

Keywords: Alchemy; Centaurs; Cloak of Invisibility; Elder Wand; Gyges’ ring; Myth of the Metals; Sorting (Hogwarts); Stargazers; Tale of the Three Brothers 


Metaphysical Status of Physical Laws

Alexey Burov and Lev Burov

Keywords: Pythagoreanism, Biblical cosmism, laws of nature, discoverability, anthropic principle, scientism, Epimenides Paradox.


Non-probabilistic Approach to Anthropic Principle and a Fallacy of the Fine-Tuning Argument

Alexei Tsvelik

Keywords: Anthropic principle, multiverse hypothesis, fine tuning hypothesis


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Platonism and its Heritage






Papers from the ISNS 2022

conference held in Athens

and published in 2023










La homonimia del ser en la Metafísica

Bessie Alexandra Zibara Lara

Keywords: Homonymy, Categories, Metaphysics, Being, Aristotle.

Meson and Mesotes - Plotinian and Aristotelian Perspectives on the Souls Inner Privacy and Virtue Ethics

Ioanna Patsioti and Giannis Stamatellos

Keywords: privacy, virtue ethics, meson, mesotes, selfhood, internalized truth.

Lasting Light - Plotinus, Likeness and Images

Gareth Polmeer

Keywords: Art, Images, Contemplation, Participation.

Plotinus Rational Approach to Artistic Beauty Through Imagination, and its Reflection on Picasso and Einsteins Creative Thought

Aphrodite Alexandrakis

Keywords: Imagination, Plotinus, Einstein, mind picture, innate knowledge, Picasso

Myth and Imagination in Olympiodorus Commentary on Aristotles Meteorology

Chiara Militello

Keywords: Olympiodorus of Alexandria, myth, imagination, incorporeals

Hermetic Rebirth through the Heavenly Spheres in CH XIII

Akindynos Kaniamos

Keywords: Hermetism, Divinization, Rebirth, Planetary Powers, Astrology, Astral Mysticism, CH XIII.

Dionysius Application of the Role of Theurgist on the Figure of Moses

Clelia Attanasio

Keywords: Theurgy, Contemplation, Pseudo-Dionysius, Iamblichus, Moses

What are the Sources of Pseudo-Dionysius “Spiral of Love

Zdenek Lenner

Keywords: love, reversion, providence, communion, and conservation

Aristotle in the 12th Century Commentaries on Proclus Elements of Theology

Lela Alexidze


Plethon Sings the Virtues - The Organization of the Specific Virtues in the Law

Bruce MacLennan

Keywords: George Gemistos, Plethon, virtues, scale of virtues, hymns, Laws, Nomoi, On Virtues, Peri Aretôn

Sub umbra illius quem desideraverum - the Precedence of Shadow in the Work of Giordano Brunos De umbris idearum

Noe Badillo

Keywords: Giordano Bruno, De Umbris Idearum, Renaissance philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, Metaphysics, Light 

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