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Latest Books


Plotinus or the Glory of Ancient Philosophy

Joseph Moreau


Translated by Robert K Clark

This is the first translation into English of the highly regarded survey of Plotinus and his philosophy by Joseph Moreau, originally published in 1970. Jean Trouillard in Revue des Études Grecques wrote of this:

“The present work lays out a complete outline of Plotinian doctrine, both as a vision of the world and as a method of spiritual life. The meditation unfolds according to the cyclic 9781898910800-coveror helical scheme of the Neoplatonists. We ascend from the universe, considered as a living whole, then as a system of intelligibles and intelligences, up to the Good which fulfills their unfolding by the exigency which it imparts to them. From this Supreme One we descend again to derivative beings by studying as a matter of course the procession of minds, then that of the soul, and finally the appearance of the sensible. Making our way, we encounter the problems of individuality, of extension, of time and of nature. Everything is thus arranged in order to understand the conversion of souls, which are purified, first from the sensible, then from the intelligible, before reuniting with the unitive presence within themselves.

 In this book we rediscover the qualities of an author who could not be considered an objective historian of ideas if he were not a philosopher, nor inversely an authentic philosopher if he were not a historian of the Hellenic heritage. These qualities, indeed, are summed up in a great architectural talent. Holding firmly to the guiding idea, he accurately restores the structure of each part as a function of the whole, and he maintains consciousness of the whole in the reader through the detail.”

256pp Hardback  £26.00  ISBN  978-1898910-800

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Plotinus the Glory of Ancient Philosophy, h/back, 9781898910800
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Discovering the Beauty of Wisdom

Mindy Mandell



What does it mean to follow Platonic philosophy as a spiritual path - to take the words of the ancient Platonists seriously and to explore them as a guide for the inner life?

This book tackles that question by presenting the philosophy of the Platonic tradition from a perspective that is informed by a personal commitment of many years' standing. The author writes, "Once I found Platonism, I never looked back. This is a tradition that is both deeply spiritual and also rigorous in its treatment of metaphysics. The language of pure metaphysics presents the study of the divine essence of Reality in terms that are not limited to any single religious tradition. The Platonists instead speak straight to the soul."

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Platonic Interpretations

Selected Papers from the Sixteenth Annual Conference

of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies


Edited by John F Finamore and Eric D Perl

This anthology of 11 essays by scholars from around the world is published in association with the International Society for Neoplatonic Studes: it contains many of the papers presented in their 2018 annual conference. Contents:

Alcibiades, the Bad Lover: A Defense of the Ethics of Plato’s Erotic Philosophy Elizabeth HillPlatonic Interpretations cover

Plato’s Cosmology: Conflicting Theories  George Latura

Origen of Alexandria: Spheres, Squares and Other Abstract Objects Robert M. Berchman

Foundations of Ecology in Plotinus’ Neoplatonism Michael F. Wagner

Iamblichus's Theory of Divination (μαντική) and Divine Inspiration: Nature and the Case of Hydromancy at Claros Andrea-Maria Lemnaru-Carrez

The Quarrel Between Porphyry and Iamblichus on the Ochema-Pneuma and the Purification of the Soul Julio Cesar Moreira

Hermias on the Vehicle of the Soul John F. Finamore

Nobility of the Complex: Suhrawardi’s Illuminationist Exposition on the Medieval Problem of Universals Khashayar Beigi

Philipp Melanchthon’s Twofold Reception of Platonism Giovanni Tortoriello

The Case of the Platonism of Origen of Alexandria in Early Modern Dutch-Arminian Theology Andrea Bianchi

The Psychodynamics of the Numbers Bruce MacLennan

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