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Essentials of the Philosophy of Plato and his Tradition

September 2021 to February 2022

A ten session introductory course via Zoom

The Prometheus Trust will be running a 10 session introductory course via Zoom aimed at exploring the essentials of the philosophy of the Platonic tradition.  The sessions will cover metaphysics and theology, psychology, virtue and ethics, and Platonic approaches to enlightenment. These will run every two weeks on Sundays at 5.00pm (London time), lasting 1 hour 45 minutes.

The aim is to present an outline of the elements of the Platonic tradition, to show something of its breadth and depth, and to make an initial exploration of the methods by which each participant's interior resources can be brought into play in the search for philosophical truths and beauties. The Platonic philosophers of the ancient world considered Platonism as a path of wisdom - one which unfolded the innate powers of the soul and revealed her divine likeness. We hope that by the end of the course participants will have glimpsed for themselves why such an exalted view of true philosophy inspired so many men and women over its long history, and why that ever-living path is worth following today.

Each session will use extracts from the writings of the Platonic tradition but will especially rely upon the experience of philosophic discussion within the group. For this reason there will be limited number of places: a commitment to attend all the sessions if at all possible is requested for the maximum benefit of each student. We have a series of papers which should supplement the discussions of each of the sessions; these will be emailed to participants a week or so before each session. 

To register by email

There is no charge for the course.

The Sessions




19th September


What is philosophy? Why philosophy? The Platonic tradition

3rd October

Metaphysics 1

The One or the Good, the Gods of the Platonic tradition, Being

17th October

Metaphysics 2

The intelligible and the visible, eternal ideas and temporal manifestation

31st October

Soul 1

Self-motivity & immortality, reason & freewill, the path of the soul

14th November

Soul 2

The soul’s powers, activities, and faculties

28th November


Dialectical questions: division, definition, demonstration and analysis

12th December


The Symposium and Diotima's path of love

9th January


Four primary virtues - and the direction of the soul’s activities

23rd January


Plato’s use of philosophical and poetical myth

6th February

Philosophy as initiation

The mysteries, theurgy. And a look back at the whole course.