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Past Conferences

2006 - Rebinding Platonism: Mysticism, Scholarship and Living

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “To the Sacred Majesty of Truth” Tim Addey


2007 - Philosophy: its Essence, Power and Energy

Keynote Address: “The Origin and Meanings of Philosophy”, Dr Algis Uzdavinys

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “The Ultimate Object of Doubt” Guy Wyndham-Jones


2008 – Philosophy and Divine Speculation

Keynote Address: “The Luminous Pyramid”, Tim Addey

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Thomas Taylor and the Fire of Mystical Inspiration in Prose, Poetry and Prayer”, Dr Steve Critchley


2009 – Philosophers, Musicians, Lovers

Keynote Address: “Friction and Fire - the Experience of Platonism”, Dr Leonard George

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Not by Bread Alone: a Platonic Critique of the Modern World”
Dr Brendan O’Byrne


2010 - Crisis And Judgment: Contemplating Action

Keynote Address: “Towards the Noosphere”, Professor John Dillon

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Thomas Taylor’s Transcendental Disciples, Academic Critics and Neo-Neoplatonism”, Professor Jay Bregman


2011 - Soul to Soul:Orality in the Platonic tradition

Keynote Address: “Orality as Quietude in Plato and Plotinus”, Dr. Deepa Majumdar

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Orality in the Later Platonist Tradition”, Professor John M Dillon.


2012 - Logos, Mythos, Sophos: Reason and Myth in the Search for Wisdom

Keynote Address: “Reason and Irrationality:  Iamblichus on Divination”, Professor John F Finamore

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Writing, Recognising, and Responding to Myth: what Greeks knew and we forget.”, Professor Harold Tarrant

2013 - Philosophy: Restoring the Soul

Keynote Address: “Becoming like to God”, Professor John M Dillon

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Platonic Tantra: The Theurgists of Late Antiquity”, Dr Gregory Shaw.

2014 - Philosophy: Know Thyself

Keynote Address: “Plato, Yoga and Self-Realisation”, Professor John Bussanich

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Going Beyond Our Worlds to find the World: what "Reason" is really for”, Professor Stephen R L Clark

2015 - Immortality

Keynote Address: “Immortality through selfless divine immortal love”, Dr Donka D Marcus

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Our goal is not to become good men – our goal is to become gods!", Professor John M Dillon

2016 - Will, Freewill and Freedom

Keynote Address: “The Will and Love of the Good: Plotinus on the source of our freedom”, Professor Kevin Corrigan

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Technology and Liberty in French Utopian Fiction”, Dr Brian Stableford

2017 - Deep Philosophy, Deep Ecology

Keynote Address: “Delphic Ecology”, Tim Addey

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Graveyard, incubator or something much stranger?
Blind World or Multiworlds versus Deep Ecology and Neoplatonism” - Professor Keven Corrigan

2018 - Living Philosophic Traditions

Keynote Address: “Being the Dialogue: Buddhist interrogations of the Socratic Persona” -
Professor Sara Itoku Ahbel-Rappe

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Presence and Absence in Platonic Dialogues and our relation to philosophic tradition” - Tim Addey

2019 - Philosophy and the Crisis of Truth

Keynote Address: “The Fate of Truth and the Anti-realism of the Current Epoch” - Dr Brendan O’Byrne

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “The Theory of Cosmic Truth in Plato: Does it have any Relevance to the World of Today?” - Professor John Dillon

2023 - Towards a Philosophic Society

Keynote Address: “Philosophy in an age of Uncertainty” - Professor Angie Hobbs

Thomas Taylor Lecture: “Philosophy and Play?” - Professor Douglas Hedley