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The Thomas Taylor Series

Special Offer


ISBN: 978-1898910-336

The whole Thomas Taylor Series can be purchased at a discounted price of 650, post free in the UK. Customers in Europe are charged 35 for delivery, and those outside Europe are charged 100 (150 by air).

Please note - we are unable to send to the United States or Canada, but our North American distributor has a similar offer here.

Please note, if you are ordering from a country within the EU, your order may well have VAT and customs handling charges applied as it passes through customs - the VAT should be at the rate your country has on books, and the handling charge is usually around 25 euros.

If you buy via our listing on Ebay VAT will get added to your order, and (at least in theory) you should not be charged any import handling charge: here is our link to our listings - the whole TT series offer is to be found in them.

Thomas Taylor Series - complete works, 9781898910329

Contact for further enquiries about this offer:

(0044) 1594 726296