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A journal of Philosophy, Religion, Mysticism and allied arts

Issue 3


The Meadow is the prolific power of life, and of all-various reasons, and is the comprehension of the primary causes of life, and the cause of the variety and the procreation of forms. For meadows in this sensible region are fertile with forms and productive powers, and contain water, which is a symbol of vivific energy. But the nourishing cause of the gods is a certain intelligible union, comprehending in itself the whole perfection of the Gods, and filling them with vigour and power, that they may provide for secondary natures, and possess an immutable intelligence of such as are first. Proclus, The Theology of Plato, IV, xv.

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Editor: Jeremy Best

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Change in the Air – Editorial   Jeremy Best 
Demeter's Lament   Tim Addey  
That Dionysian Delight  Leila Johnston  
Hymn to Selene   Martha Lyn  
Three Translations of the Golden Verses of the Pythagoreans
A Vision of the True Earth   Jill Line
Ten Haiku  Kieran Kelly & Guy Wyndham-Jones
The Music of the Spheres   Leila Johnston
Artemis   Martha Lyn  

Download this issue of The Meadow here: Meadow 3


Tim Addey is Chairman of the Prometheus Trust and editor of the Thomas Taylor Series.  He teaches on the Trust’s education programme.

Leila Johnston has lived in Egypt with her son since 1993. She has written for local newspapers and magazines, gives private English lessons and has a wide-ranging interest in ancient civilisations and literature.

Martha Lyn was born in Canada and educated at Queen’s University. She is a Trustee of the Prometheus Trust and has a great interest in ancient traditions.

Jill Line writes and lectures widely on Shakespeare and is a student in the Prometheus Trust’s education programme.

Kieran Kelly is a student in the Prometheus Trust's Educational Programme.

Guy Wyndham-Jones is Head of Education for the Prometheus Trust and a co-Founder of the Trust itself.

Jeremy Best is a Trustee of the Prometheus Trust and a student in its Education Programme. He can be contacted at Dyke's Orchard, Holton, Wincanton, Somerset BA9 8AX.

This web journal is published by The Prometheus Trust on an ad hoc basis. A paper copy is available from the Prometheus Trust book sales department, price £3 (post free in Europe, add £1 outside Europe). Copyright is held by the named authors but permission to reproduce the articles will normally be given - please contact the editor. Letters to the editor will be posted in the letters section when appropriate, and contributions for the next issue are invited.

The Trust does not necessarily endorse any particular opinion expressed in the following articles.