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London Reading Group

Autumn 2018 - The Phaedo

The Prometheus Trust is planning to run a reading group on Plato's Phaedo over the autumn, running every other Monday from 6.00 to 7.15pm at Cecil Sharp House, Camden Town. Dates run from 17th September to 17 December.socrates-sm

The Phaedo is one of the great works of philosophy and one of the great dramas of western literature: it covers the last day of Socrates' earthly life and centres on a discussion about the immortality of the human soul, and the consequences that flow from that immortality. It includes allusions to traditional myths, discusses interior initiations, explores issues of rationality, allows Socrates to describe his vision of "the true Earth" and culminates in a noble and touching death.

We will cover an average of 8 or 9 pages per session, so that we have plenty of time to discuss the issues that arise and explore some of the more hidden matters Plato has embedded in the drama of the dialogue.

The Phaedo has profound depths, but is also suitable as an introduction to the philosophy of Plato as it touches on so many of Plato's most fundamental concepts. Whatever your experience of philosophical study, the dialogue should be an engaging read.

We ask for donations of 3 per session if possible, to help with our room hire cost. 


1: 57a-63b  * 17th September *  Introduction, Theseus, Aesop, Suicide (6 Stephanus pages)

2: 63b-69e  * 1st October * A rational defence, philosophy as a meditation on death, initiation and Dionysus (6 Stephanus pages)

3: 70a-78b  * 15th October * The argument from opposites, the argument from recollection (8 Stephanus pages)

4: 78-84c  * 29th October* The argument from affinity (6 Stephanus pages)

5: 84c-95a  * 5th November * Objections through harmony (argument from simplicity) (10 Stephanus pages)

6: 95a-107a  * 19th November * Arguement from essence (including mechanical causes v ideal causes) (12 Stephanus pages)

7: 107b-115a  * 3rd December * The myth of the True Earth (8 Stephanus pages)

8 115b-118a * 17th December * Last words, and the drama concluded. (3 Stephanus pages)

Venue: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, Camden Town, London NW1 7AY

For further details email,

or phone 01594 726296