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Order direct from the Prometheus Trust and get a discount of 20%, with free postage in the UK. For customers overseas we apply postage at slightly below cost. Please note that we do not post to the US or Canada - but all of our titles are available through our North America distributor (see below).

How to Order

Everywhere except US and Canada:

Ordering from within the EU? Please go here.

The simplest way to order is to skip down to our full online listing below and buy via the “add to cart” button against each book (please ensure you have the correct postage selected from the accompanying drop down menu) -
once you have chosen your required books, you can go to the checkout and pay securely with all major credit and debit cards. 

You can also order our books from your regular bookshop (our catalogue is
on all the usual UK computer listings) or ...........

If buying through the paypal add to cart method is not possible please telephone us on (0) 1291 409018 or write to:
Book Sales,  The Prometheus Trust
14 Tylers Way, Sedbury
Chepstow, Glos, NP16 7AB, UK

Or email:


Bank transfer: you can pay directly to our bank when you order; let us know that you have done this to enable us to check the arrival of the funds into our account.  Here are our account details:
Name: The Prometheus Trust Number: 47775884 Sort code: 23-05-80
(European customers should use these details:
 IBAN no: GB94 MYMB 2305 8047775884. Swiftbic: MYMBGB2L)

 Customers in the EU:

Because the UK has left the EU ordering from this website may
involve you paying VAT and handling charges as well as experiencing
delays as our package goes through your country’s customs. 
Our advice is to order from our Ebay listing (where our prices are
similar to those here, but with your country’s official VAT rate added, so
that there should not be delays or extra charges levied) so long as your order is less than 150 euros (proposed orders of more than 150 can be broken down into an appropriate number of smaller orders to keep within this limit). 

Go here for our Ebay listings.


Customers in the USA, Canada & Mexico

Our new distributor for North America Kindred Star Books is now active - please go to the website for all Prometheus Trust publications:


Full Catalogue - select your required books, with the appropriate regional postage from the drop down menu, and click the “add to cart” button. When you have selected all the books you require, start the checkout process by clicking the “view cart” button. 

Customers outside Europe can choose between airmail and surface mail - note that while airmail is expected to arrive in about a week or so, surface mail can take considerably longer - Royal Mail say “between 2 and 12 weeks” - our experience is that it is likely to be around 2 months for most regions. All our Europe post goes via airmail (or reasonably quick couriers if yours is a large order).


Against the Christians, hardback, 9781898910329

Anonymous Prolegomena to Platonic Phil, hardback, 9781898910510

Apuleius Golden Ass etc, hardback, 9781898910138

Beyond the Shadows, 9781898910954

A Casting of Light 9781898910572

Chaldean Oracles, hardback, 9781898910534

The Chant of Plotinus 9781898910657

The Collected Works of Thomas Moore Johnson 9781898910824

Collected Writings of Plotinus, hardback, 9781898910022

Collected Writings Gods & the World, hardback, 9781898910039

Damascius on the Philebus, hardback, 9781898910480

Deep Philosophy Deep Ecology *Author*9781898910701

Discoverying the Beauty of Wisdom 9781898910725

Dissertations of Maximus Tyrius, hardback, 9781898910053

Essays and Fragments of Proclus, hardback, 9781898910176

A Flight of Souls 9781898910695

Fragments of Numenius, hardback, 9781898910527

From My Reading to Yours, paperback, 9781898910367

Greek Com. on Phaedo Olympiodorus, hardback, 9781898910466

Greek Com. on Phaedo Damascius, hardback, 9781898910473

The Hymn of Thomas Taylor 9781898910688

Hymns and Initiations, hardback, 9781898910046

Fragments of Iamblichus (Dillon), hardback, 9781898910459

Iamblichus On the Mysteries/Pythagoras, hardback, 9781898910169

Index to Plato, hardback, 9781898910343

Know Thyself, paperback, 9781898910961

The Meno, paperback, 9781898910923

Metaphysical Patterns in Platonism 9781898910831

The Music of Plato 9781898910671

Oracles and Mysteries, hardback, 9781898910060

The Orphic Poems, hardback, 9781898910848

Pausanias Guide to Greece I, hardback, 9781898910305

Pausanias Guide to Greece II, hardback, 9781898910312

Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth, hardback, 9781898910350

Philosophy of Proclus (Rosan), hardback, 9781898910442

Plato in Late Antiquity 9781898910909

Platonic Inquiries 9781898910855

Platonic Interpretations 9781898910893

Platonic Pathways 9781898910879

Platonic Traditions in American Thought 9781898910862

Platonism and its Heritage 9781898910916

Platonism and its Legacy 9781898910886

Platonism and the World Crisis, paperback, 9781898910558

Plato Speaks, 9781898910718

Plotinus the Glory of Ancient Philosophy, h/back, 9781898910800

Proclus Commentary on Euclid, hardback, 9781898910282

Proclus - Alcibiades, hardback, 9781898910497

Proclus Commentary on the Timaeus I, hardback 2nd, 9781898910789

Proclus Commentary on Timaeus II, h/back, 2nd ed. 9781898910794

Proclus Commentary on Timaeus I, paperback 2nd, 9781898910589

Proclus Commentary on Timaeus II, paperba 2nd ed. 9781898910596

Proclus Elements of Theology, 2nd ed, hardback, 9781898910435

Proclus Elements of Theology, 1st ed. paperback, 9781898910619

Proclus Theology of Plato, hardback, 9781898910077

Release Thyself, 9781898910565

Selections from the Prometheus Conferences 9781898910664

Select Works of Porphyry , hardback, 9781898910015

Seven Myths of the Soul, paperback, 9781898910732

The Sophist, 9781898910930

The Song of Proclus 9781898910626

Song of the Solipsistic One, hardback, 9781898910663

Symposium, paperback, 9781898910978

Theoretic Arithmetic of Pythagoreans, hardback, 9781898910299

Thomas Taylor Series - complete works, 9781898910329

Towards the Noosphere, paperback, 9781898910602

Unfolding Wings, paperback, 9781898910947

Works of Aristotle I, hardback, 9781898910183

Works of Aristotle II, hardback, 9781898910190

Works of Aristotle III, hardback, 9781898910206

Works of Aristotle IV, hardback, 9781898910213

Works of Aristotle V, hardback, 9781898910220

Works of Aristotle VI, hardback, 9781898910237

Works of Aristotle VII, hardback, 9781898910244

Works of Aristotle VIII, hardback, 9781898910251

Works of Aristotle IX, hardback, 9781898910268

Works of Aristotle X, hardback, 9781898910275

Works of Plato I, hardback, 9781898910084

Works of Plato II, hardback, 9781898910091

Works of Plato III, hardback, 9781898910107

Works of Plato IV, hardback, 9781898910114

Works of Plato V, hardback, 9781898910121

Download our complete catalogue in PDF format - click here:Prometheus Trust Complete Catalog 2021

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