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Author’s page

If you are a contributor to any of the anthology collections we publish we can supply you with copies of the volume you’ve contributed to at a 50% discount, plus postage. You are welcome, of course, to add other books to your shopping cart at our normal rates of discount - see our complete catalogue page. 

Plato in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Modern Times

Plato in Late Antiquity*author* 9781898910909

Platonsm and its Legacy

Platonism and its Legacy*author*9781898910886

Platonic Inquiries

Platonic Inquiries *Author*9781898910855

Platonic Traditions in American Thought

Platonic Traditions in American Thought *author*9781898910862

Metaphysical Patterns in Platonism

Metaphysical Patterns in Platonism *author*9781898910831

Platonic Pathways

Platonic Pathways *Author*9781898910879

Deep Philosophy, Deep Ecology

Deep Philosophy Deep Ecology *Author*9781898910701

Platonic Interpretations

Platonic Interpretations - author copy9781898910893

Prometheus Students texts for courses

These are discounted for students in specific PT reading groups or courses.

Please ensure that you select the right postage from the drop-down menus

Know Thyself, paperback, 9781898910961

Beyond the Shadows, 9781898910954

Works of Plato IV, discounted for PT students, 9781898910114

Greek Com. on Phaedo Damascius, hardback, 9781898910473

Greek Com. on Phaedo Olympiodorus, hardback, 9781898910466

Unfolding Wings, paperback, 9781898910947

Warburg Neoplatonism Reading Group

Damascius on the Philebus, hardback, 9781898910480 Warburg

Anonymous Prolegomena to Platonic Phil, Warburg, 9781898910510

Warburg readers - the discount on Plato volume 4 (above) is
also available, as it includes the Philebus