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Donating to the Prometheus Trust

The Prometheus Trust is a charity registered in the UK (charity number 299648): our purpose is to encourage and support philosophy as a living art. We centre our activities on the philosophy of the Platonic tradition - a tradition which has always understood philosophy not only as a guide to the outer life, but also as an inner path.

The Trust is aimed at those who are genuinely seeking to treat philosophy as a serious way of life, but it also enjoys the active support of highly regarded academics who are sympathetic to this approach.

The Trust has an extensive catalogue of published works ranging from Plato, Plotinus, and Proclus amongst others to modern authors who are exploring the depths of Platonic philosophy. But our primary concern is with the living practice of philosophy: we run courses both in person and via Zoom, welcoming those who pursue wisdom as central to the truly good life. In this work, we maintain a principle that this philosophy is not to be bought and sold and that we try to make it accessible to all those who wish to join us regardless of their material resources.

We do not charge for our work but do have to pass on the minimum expenses to those who attend our residential study weeks/weekends. We also hope that in the long term we can set up a centre as a permanent home for our activites.

Any donations which we can use to support our ongoing activities, as well as building up the Trust’s resources in order to achieve our long term goals will be most welcome.

You can donate via the button below, but do feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss possible donations (or other help) you might be able to offer ( If you are in the UK you can also pay directly to our bank account (The Prometheus Trust, sort 23-05-80, account no. 47775884.

If you are a UK tax payer we can also reclaim tax paid on your donation - (please inform our administrator of your tax status - also at