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Files for downloading

Below are a selection of files which are in PDF format - mainly extracts from Prometheus Trust publications. PDF files require a program which is designed to open them, the most common of which is Adobe Reader: if you don’t have a program loaded on your computer which can open PDF files, go here to download Adobe Reader -

Hymn to Demeter - the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, translated by Hugh Evelyn-White

INTRODUCTION TO DE ANIMA - Thomas Taylor masterly introduction to Aristotle On the Soul (from TTS volume 24)

ON THE ESSENCE OF SOUL - Plotinus, translated by Thomas Taylor (from TTS volume 3)

Diotima Poetical Paraphrase - Thomas Taylor’s beautiful and perceptive paraphrase of Diotima’s speech in the Symposium (from TTS volume 14)

Thomas Taylor on the Golden Ass - Some of Thomas Taylor’s notes on Apuleius’ Golden Ass, including an exposition on the fable of Cupid and Psyche. (from TTS volume 14)

A Panegyric on the Most Eminent Intellectual Philosophers of Antiquity- Thomas Taylor’s tribute in verse to some of the great sages of philosophy (from TTS volume 33)

Platonic Philosophers Creed - Thomas Taylor’s profound and comprehensive summary of Platonic Philosophy.

Proclus on Faith, Truth and Love - A short extract from the first book of Proclus’ Theology of Plato

Concerning Prayer - extracts from Proclus, Iamblichus and Hierocles on Prayer.

Hermeas on the phaedrus - extracts - a collection of passages from the Commentary of Hermeas (or Hermias) on the Phaedrus. This file was updated in May 2013, with an added extract.

Plotinus on Dialectic - Ennead I, iii, translated by Thomas Taylor, with a note from Proclus’ Commentary on the Parmenides (from TTS volume III).

Thomas Taylor - Wisdom’s Champion - a lecture delivered to the Temenos Academy in 2008 as part of a celebration of the 250th anniversary of Taylor’s birth.

Thomas Taylors intro to Plato - the Prometheus Trust’s version of Taylor’s Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato.

Why Thomas Taylor is not the author of A New System of Religion- an article on the disputed authorship of an anonymous work.

Knowledge and Opinion from the Republic - Thomas Taylor’s translation of Republic 476e-480a, slightly adapted.

Prometheus Trust Complete Catalog 2018 - the latest catalogue of books available from the Trust.

Glossary - a glossary for use especially with the writings and translations of Thomas Taylor

Three Lectures on the Platonic Life:

First lecture: The Philosopher in the World - Tim Addey
Second lecture: The Platonic Life - the Philosopher in the Soul - Guy Wyndham-Jones
Third lecture: The Platonic Life - The Philosopher amongst the Stars - Tim Addey

Our occasional journal, The Meadow, in PDF for downloading:

Meadow 1

Meadow 2

Meadow 3

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