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Some useful links, selected with a degree of whimsy.


These links are offered to visitors as possibly being of interest - their inclusion does not,
of course, indicate any particular endorsement by the Prometheus Trust.

Please email us ( if you have a site you would like listed on this page, can recommend a site, or you find links which no longer connect.

Booksellers who stock our books

Kindred Star Books - our distributor in North America

Anywhereoutoftheworld - philosophy, esoterics and poetry all under one roof in Manchester! And a tearoom!

Scholarly Sites

Centre for the Study of the Platonic Tradition (Trinity College, Dublin)

International Society for Neoplatonic Studies

Philosophy in London

New Acropolis

Sites mainly concerned with philosophy

Ideal in the West - a site with some excellent podcasts on various aspects of Platonic Philosophy

Plato Pages - Bernand Suzanne's very fine analysis of Plato as a whole - well worth downloading his many thoughtful articles.

Sites mainly concerned with the ancient religion

The Stele

The Julian Society

Shrine of Athena

Sites with general resources

The Perseus Project

Encyclopedia Mythica

Greek Mythology

Greek official site


Sites with connections to standard texts

University of Pennsylvania

Internet Classics archive

Bartleby books on-line


Other sites and organisations

THE HAMBLIN RELIGIOUS TRUST - A registered charity founded in 1960 to continue the work of Henry Thomas Hamblin.  THE HAMBLIN VISION is the publishing/operating arm of the Trust. It produces a bi-monthly magazine called New Vision. The magazine has a broad multi faith perspective and features articles on a wide range of subjects including theology;mythology;philosophy;religion and the environment.  Their website is at

The Classical Astrologer- an astrological site "devoted to the preservation and advancement of Ancient & Classical astrological observations, philosophies and techniques". The website is at