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Events 2017

Seminars and Workshops
with the Prometheus Trust

Deep Philosophy, Deep Ecology

Study week in Italy 2018 - Plato’s Gorgias - September 5th-12th

Monday evening study sessions in London




Roundtable event at New Acropolis

19 Compton Terrace, Islington,London, N1 2UN

Saturday 29th July 2017

Deep Philosophy, Deep Ecology

Four presentations with a question and answer session


Philosophy in the West - especially in its English-speaking part - has been considered an isolated and private venture, with little influence upon the way in which societies conduct themselves: like Earth itself in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, its description hovers between "harmless" and "mostly harmless". But is this really the case? Can we trace today`s ecological crisis to the philosophy (or philosophies) adopted consciously or unconsciously in recent centuries? Perhaps the errors embedded within it are now revealed as very far from harmless “ in fact a flawed philosophy may be the most toxic thing known to humankind.

Deep ecology - the view that solutions to the ecological crisis are to be found in a radical revision of humankind`s understanding of itself, the world in which it lives, and their mutual relation - has much to be commended. Deep ecologists argue that superficial changes in patterns of consumption while we retain an underlying view that we are set apart as the active and rational rulers and consumers of an irrational and passive world of materiality will not solve our ecological crisis.

But if we are to reject an inadequate philosophical worldview how are we to find a better and more truthful one? Can we find a philosophy from which a truly wide-ranging justice can emerge? Perhaps we must wipe the philosophical slate clean and start again from the very beginning, or perhaps we may find in neglected philosophies from our past the key to the righting of relations between ourselves and the rest of reality. This is a challenge we cannot ignore without the gravest consequences to ourselves and our fellow companions on Earth. But although the task is great, the rewards of success are also great: it may be that a philosophy which addresses the needs of deep ecology will also contribute to the solution of other more purely human problems which now press upon us.

This event follows the Prometheus Trust’s 2017 annual conference on the same theme and will include the keynote address given to the conference by Tim Addey, “Delphic Ecology” along with three papers on the theme:

Stuart Dunbar - “Plato's conscious universe and the unity of things

Crystal Addey - “The Connected Cosmos”

Sabine Leitner - Title to be confirmed

Each paper will be presented with time for participants to contribute to a discussion of the ideas arising from them.


This event is open to all and will run from 10.45 am to 2.40 pm. Numbers will be limited and you are invited to book as soon as possible via the New Acropolis website:

The cost of the day, including refreshments, is 20 (10 concessions).

Further details can be obtained from the New Acropolis website (see above) or from


Study Week in Central Italy

September 5-12th, 2018

on the Gorgias
For details click here


The Examined Life - meetings in London



For details of London Monday evening meetings at Cecil Sharp House, click here