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A journal of Philosophy, Religion, Mysticism and allied arts

Issue 2


Blue Iris - said to "grow in stoney places" in Attica.

"Theodorus, my friend, appears not to have badly conjectured concerning your disposition; since to wonder is very much the passion of a philosopher.  For there is no other beginning of philosophy than this.  And he who said that Iris is the daughter of Thaumas, did not genealogize badly."  Socrates, to Theaetetus, The Theaetetus, 155c  Iris is the messenger or Hera, and the daughter of Thaumas, 'wonder

Editor: Guy Wyndham-Jones

Issue 2 - Winter 2005

This web journal is published by The Prometheus Trust on an ad hoc basis. A paper copy is available from the book sales department, price £3 (post free in Europe, add £1 outside Europe). Copyright is held by the named authors but permission to reproduce the articles will normally be given - please contact the editor for permission. Letters to the editor will be posted in the letters section when appropriate, and contributions for the next issue are invited. The Trust does not necessarily endorse any particular opinion expressed in the following articles.

Contents of issue number 2 (click on title to jump to article):

The Perennial Philosophy  Donald Skilling
Poem: Our Loss  Guy Wyndham-Jones
On a Chaldean Fragment  John Bee
The Divergent uses of Greek Philosophical Terms by
   Platonic Philosophy and Modern Psychology
  Robert K Clark
Myth - the Final Phase of Platonic Education  Tim Addey

Download this issue of The Meadow in PDF here: Meadow 2